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Cyber Security Technical Professional (integrated degree) from September 2020

NCSC Provisionally Certified Degree Apprenticeship

The degree meets the digital apprenticeship standard set by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education

It has 2 major components:

  • A full BSc Honours degree - awarded by our partner, the University of the West of England (UWE)
  • A Programme of work based training to develop professional skills and behaviours

Both parts must be achieved to be awarded the qualification

The standard

This apprenticeship has a duration of up to 48 months

(3 year knowledge program and 6 months for final work based projects and end point assessment entry)

Modules (Cohort 1 2020 start)

YearModuleRoomBlock release dates
1Operating systems and architectureGlos7/9/2020, 21/9/2020, 12/10/2020
NetworkingGlos9/11/2020, 14/12/2020, 11/01/2021
Cyber threatsGlos08/02/2021, 08/03/2021, 12/04/2021
ProgrammingGlos10/05/2021, 14/06/2021, 28/06/2021
2Cryptography, mathematics and algorithmsChelt G128 & G12606/09/2021, 20/09/2021, 11/10/2021
Operating system security and defensive programmingChelt G12308/11/2021, 06/12/2021, 10/01/2022
Information management and securityChelt G12807/02/2022, 07/03/2022, 11/04/2022
Embedded systems securityChelt G12809/05/2022, 13/06/2022, 27/06/2022
3Security assurance and security case developmentChelt G12805/09/2022, 03/10/2022, 31/10/2022
Risk and information managementChelt G12828/11/2022, 16/01/2023, 13/02/2023
Cybersecurity incident management and professionalism
Project and dissertation
4End point assessment (EPA)

Modules (Cohort 2 2021 start)

YearModuleRoomBlock release dates
1Operating systems and architectureChelt G12713/9/2021, 27/9/2021, 18/10/2021
NetworkingChelt G12715/11/2021, 13/12/2021, 17/01/2022
Cyber threatsChelt G128 & G12614/02/2022, 14/03/2022, 19/04/2022
ProgrammingGlos D101 (16/05, 20/6 & 04/07)16/05/2022, 20/06/2022, 04/07/2022
2Cryptography, mathematics and algorithmsChelt G12705/09/2022, 26/09/2022, 17/10/2022
Operating system security and defensive programming Chelt G12721/11/2022, 12/12/2022, 23/01/2023
Embedded systems security
Information management and security
3Security assurance and security case development
Risk and information management
Cybersecurity incident management and professionalism
Project and dissertation
4End point assessment (EPA)

Modules (Cohort 3A 2022 start)

Modules (Cohort 3B 2022 start)

Competency component

For the duration of the apprenticeship, technical competencies will be assessed in the workplace. These will include: building networks and digital systems, writing programs, analysing malware, identifying threats, undertaking risk assessments, designing secure systems and managing intrusion responses.

A professional development plan will be established with the apprentice, the employer and the assessor to ensure all the required components are completed and demonstrated in a final portfolio of work based projects.

Apprentices will be visited by an assessor once a month throughout the degree in order to review progress and assess competencies.

A training coordinator will visit every quarter to formally review progress with the line manager and the apprentice.

The employer and the assessor will judge when the apprentice is ready for the end point assessment.

Competency checklist

Off the Job Training

Tracker and work log

Types of training that count towards the off the job training. OTJ

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