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Module UFCFDU-30-1 Level 4 30 credits

Module team leader: Andrew Cracknell


The aim of this unit is to provide apprentices with knowledge of computer networking essentials, how they operate, protocols, standards, security considerations and a range of networking technologies.

It gives the apprentices the knowledge and skills that they need for the planning, designing, implementation and management of computer networks and understanding of the network infrastructure capabilities and limitations.

You will cover:

  • network foundations, connections, internetworking, protocols, standards, performance, security and server virtualisation
  • fundamental building blocks (e.g. routers, switches, hubs, storage, transmission) and typical architectures (e.g. server/client, hub/spoke) of computer networks and the Internet
  • data and protocols and how they relate to each other
  • data formats and simple protocols in current use
  • failure modes in protocols
  • error control
  • network protocols in widespread use on the Internet and their purpose and relationship to each other, including the physical and data link layer – e.g., HTTP, SMTP, SNMP, TCP/IP, BGP, DNS, etc
  • network performance
  • virtualisation techniques
  • network monitoring and mapping
  • static and dynamic routing protocols
  • wireless network security
  • common types of security hardware and software which are used to protect systems e.g., firewalls, encryption for data at rest, encryption for communication, intrusion detection systems (IDS), intrusion protection systems (IPS), identity and access management (IDAM) tools, anti-virus, web proxy, application firewalls, cross domain components, hardware security module (HSM), trusted platform module (TPM), unified threat module (UTM)
  • how these may be used to deliver risk mitigation or implement a security case
    • benefits/limitations
    • considering the implicit assurance (including supplier assurance and considering the benefits and risks of open source options) of the component
    • residual risks


Assignment Brief

The full assignment brief will be placed here when it is issued

Component A Presentation (30 minutes)

Issued: End of block release week 2

Due: Start of block release week 3

Apprentices will be given a design requirement (including security) for a network along with an implementation. In the presentation they will:

  • Explain how the given implementation and components function
  • Explain how the given implementation meets, or does meet, the design requirement
  • Propose changes to the given implementation to take account of scalability

Component B Practical Report (3,000 words)

Issued: End of block release week 3

Due: Start of block release week 1 of next module

Apprentices will build a network to a given specification. They will write a report detailing the selection of components, system configuration, optimisation, testing and troubleshooting. A conclusion will be required stating how well the implementation met the requirements.

Submission details

All assignments will be submitted and feedback given on the UWE Blackboard system


All questions about this module should be directed to the module leader.

Please contact via email, which is monitored continuously

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