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Project and dissertation

Module UFCFPU-30-3 Level 6 30 credits

Module team leader: UWE staff


There is no specific syllabus for this module as the project is an individual piece of work, exploring an idea from conception through to realisation. Nonetheless, elements of the project process are covered in a short lecture series at the start of the academic year. The lectures will normally be delivered by the module leader or their nominee. They will cover topics such as:

  • Choosing a project
  • Researching the project idea
  • Making use of your module leader/supervisor
  • Moving from research to requirements
  • Writing up the project

In parallel with the lecture series, apprentices will identify (or be allocated) a project supervisor. They will then agree the subject of the project with the supervisor, the Module Leader, and the Employer. Suitable topics must be related to the workplace and must lend itself to research followed by a solution development process based on the research. The research component will include the identification of a suitable topic and subsequent investigation from books, papers and other sources. Requirements should be derived from the research. The solution development will include the identification of suitable tools and methodologies to use. Whatever the subject, the apprentice will be expected to treat material critically and to demonstrate their understanding of the relevance of material both to their award and to the project topic. They will also be expected to reflect on the tools and methodologies used and, at the project completion, comment on their suitability.

Each apprentice will be assigned a supervisor who will meet them regularly to discuss progress and to give guidance on planning and managing the work. It is the apprentice's responsibility to research material and techniques appropriate to the subject of the project.

Wherever possible apprentices will be assigned a supervisor with an interest in the project topic but this cannot be guaranteed. The responsibilities of the tutor are primarily to provide guidance on the management of the project, the standard of work required, what can realistically be done in the available time and to give feedback on work done (including the writing of the report).

In the initial stages of the project the apprentice and their tutor will discuss objectives which must be achieved if the project is to receive a pass grade. Criteria which must be met for a higher grade will also be identified. (Projects develop unpredictably, the objectives are only intended as a guide to the level expected and details may change).

At the beginning of the year in which the project is undertaken, a short series of lectures will provide the apprentice with the context in which the project is to be undertaken.

Assignment Brief

The full assignment brief will be placed here when it is issued

Component A: Report, presentation and demonstration

Issued: Start of academic year 3

Due: Near the end of academic year 3

There are three elements to the assessment of the project,structured both to support the student through the project and also to allow them both to demonstrate their report writing skills and to showcase their technical ability.

The major piece of assessed work is the project report. This will be between 8,000 - 10,000 words plus supporting material in the form of software where appropriate and documentation. The report is submitted upon completion of the project and carries 70% of the available marks.

In addition, at approximately the middle of the project period, students are required to attend a project-in-progress day. The project-in-progress day is organised as a poster event and students are expected to prepare a poster that describes their project idea and progress to date. The day is attended by academics from across the department and the employers and is an opportunity for students, staff and the employers to discuss and exchange ideas about their work. 5% of the overall available marks are devoted to the material produced for the project in progress day. Finally, after submission of the project report, students are required to present and demonstrate their solution to their supervisor and optionally their employer.

Submission details

All assignments will be submitted and feedback given on the UWE Blackboard system


All questions about this module should be initially directed to the module leader.

Please contact via email, which is monitored continuously

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