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Software Developer L4 (SWDST/17) - 18000

This apprenticeship has a duration of 18 months

The primary role of a software developer is to build and test simple, high-quality code across front end, logic and database layers. A developer will typically be working as part of a larger team, in which they will have responsibility for some of the straightforward elements of the overall project. The developer will need to be able to interpret design documentation and specifications. The customer requirements will typically be defined and agreed by more experienced or specialist members of the team, such as a business analyst or technical architect.

  • Job roles include:
    • Web Developer
    • Application Developer
    • Mobile App Developer
    • Games Developer
    • Software Developer

Gloucester College apprentices have access to the college VLE which can be found here.

Software Dev Specific Handbook

Skill Scan

EPA Documents

SD Competency Checklist

Knowledge Modules and Vendor Certifications offered

Knowledge ModulesVendor Certifications
C# OR MTA/MCP programming in HTML5 with Javascript and CSS3
BCS Level 4 Diploma in Software Development Methodologies

College Block Release Dates

Cohort 3 (November 2020 Start)

202020 November20 November1 Day Induction
23 November27 NovemberProgramming - Theory I
202125 January29 JanuaryProgramming - Theory II
15 March 19 MarchDatabases, PHP and MySQL
17 May21 MayMTA: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals and EXAM
1 Jun2 JunMTA revision session
5 July 9 July Software Development Context and Methodologies and Exam
20 September 24 September TestingD101
TBCTBC Competencies check
2022August Gateway - Portfolio Complete

SD Knowledge Module Resources

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