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Software Developer Technician (SWDTST) - 15000

This apprenticeship has a duration of 18 months

A Software Development Technician typically works as part of a software development team, to build simple software components (whether web, mobile or desktop applications) to be used by other members of the team as part of larger software development projects. They will interpret simple design requirements for discrete components of the project under supervision. The approach will typically include implementing code, which other team members have developed, to produce the required component. The Software Development Technician will also be engaged in testing that the specific component meets its intended functionality.

Typical job roles include:

  • Software Development Technician
  • Junior Developer
  • Junior Web Developer
  • Junior Application Developer
  • Junior Mobile App Developer
  • Junior Games Developer
  • Junior Software Developer
  • Junior Application Support Analyst
  • Junior Programmer
  • Assistant Programmer and Automated Test Developer.

Benefits to business

  • Develop the skills your business needs
  • Get qualified and motivated staff
  • Future proof your business
  • Professional qualifications for your staff

Benefits for apprentices

  • Gaining industry recognised professional qualifications
  • Developing skills that will increase your career potential
  • Industry Support from industry experienced staff working with the British Computing Society
  • Working with the British Computing Society
  • Becoming a BCS member (students only)

Entry Requirements

Individual employers will set the selection criteria for enrolment onto the Apprenticeship, but this is likely to include five GCSEs, (especially English, Mathematics and a Science or Technology subject); a relevant Level 2 Apprenticeship; other relevant qualifications and experience; or an aptitude test with a focus on IT skills.

The apprenticeship will cover the following core areas

  • Logic: write code to achieve the desired functionality using the appropriate tools and methods applicable
  • Security: apply security principals to all work within the development lifecycle
  • Development support: understand the business context and drivers during development. Communication
  • Data: can link to a range of database types and embed data queries within their code
  • Test: can test and analyse their code to identify errors as soon as possible in the coding process and on an interactive basis, can design manual tests, understand expected results
  • Analysis: can read and understand data to ensure they know and can meet the customers’ requirements
  • Development lifecycle
  • Quality: can identify and follow standards and good practice that can improve programming efficiency, style and quality

Gloscol VLE

Gloucester College apprentices have access to the college VLE which can be found here.

Skills Scan

EPA Documents

Indicative Learner Journey

College Block Release

College days - Cohort 4 (October 2019 Start)

20194 Nov8 NovInduction and Programming Intro Python, web
9 December13 DecemberProgramming - Theory I
2020 3 February7 February Programming - Theory II
1 June5 JuneDatabases, PHP and MySQL & Exam
14 September18 SeptemberSoftware Development Context and Methodologies
16 November18 NovemberSoftware Development Context and Methodologies and Exam (3 Days & Exam on the 18th at 13:30)
1 February3 FebruaryCompetency check
1 March Synoptic project

College days - Cohort 5 (October 2020 Start)

20205 October9 OctoberInduction and Programming Intro Python, web
23 November27 NovemberProgramming - Theory I
202125 January29 JanuaryProgramming - Theory II and Exam
15 March 19 MarchDatabases, PHP and MySQL
12 April 16 April Software Development Context and Methodologies
10 May14 MaySoftware Development Context and Methodologies and Exam
DecemberDecemberCompetency Check
2022 JanuaryJanuary Individual dates for Synoptic project

College days - Cohort 7 (November 2021 Start)

2021 1 November 5 November Induction Group 1 D101
202224 January28 January Induction Group 2 & Programming - Theory I - Group 1 & 2D101
21 February25 FebruaryProgramming - Theory II D101
21 March25 MarchProgramming SQL & PHP - Theory III and Exam D101
4th April8 April Software Development Context and Methodologies D101
25 April29 April Software Development Context and Methodologies and exam D101
TBCTBC PortfolioCompetency CheckD101
TBCTBC Individual dates for Synoptic project
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