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Buggy Web App

It is very easy create a good website in today's world. What is not easy to do is create a really secure website. There are many sites online that allow you to learn and then test your skills against vulnerable websites. To this end, this week you are going to download, install and do some pen testing against a vulnerable website

You are to go to itsecgames, read a bit about what this is all about and then acquire the buggy app.

Download the Vulnerable web app from here: Download here

You will need to install vmware player, virtual box or hyper-v on your machine, whichever is easiest.

Watch the following video to help you install the web app.

Your task is to look at the vulnerabilities document and attempt 5 tasks. Choose only one task from any of the sections (A1 to A10) available and document your progress. You must do 5 tasks in total, one a day for this week.

Good luck!!

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