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Software Tester

The revised standard does not use the words Competencies any more. These are now referred to as duties but are essentially the same thing.

Competency Checklist

Duty Description Able to do? When? Complete
1 Analyse test objectives to design and prepare a test plan that aligns with the test strategy
2 Review requirements with relevant stakeholders to identify defects early and to define a comprehensive test scope coverage based on product risk with due consideration to accessibility and usability requirements
3 Design and build test cases, test scripts/procedures, and define expected results to meet the test scope coverage criteria
4 Collect, interpret and develop representative and realistic test data
5 Specify test environment requirements
6 Conduct a range of different software test types within the broad categories of functional, non-functional, white box/structural and change-related testing interpreting and executing test scripts using organisationally agreed methods and standards
7 Conduct and support testing at different test levels (such as unit testing, component integration testing, system testing, system integration testing and user acceptance testing)
8 Conduct testing activities on software applications such as desktop, web, mobile, embedded, mainframe, internet of things (IoT) and AI to detect defects and demonstrate the software is fit for purpose
9 Operate the organisation's software testing tools.
10 Raise defects in line with organisational policy at any point in the test process and progress them through to successful completion
11 Document and report test results against the acceptance criteria, record accurate data to support defect management and maintain information traceability between requirements, tests and defects
12 Communicate status and metrics against test activities, test results and defects using appropriate communication styles and media
13 Advise and support others on testing activities including providing feedback, for example on challenges arising within testing or within multi-disciplinary teams
14 Store, manage and share all test and related data securely in a compliant manner
15 Practice continuous self-learning to keep up to date with technological developments to enhance relevant skills and take responsibility for own professional development
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