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Network Engineer L4

This apprenticeship has a duration of 24 months

The primary role of a network engineer is to design, install, maintain and support communication networks within an organisation or between organisations. Network engineers need to maintain high levels of operation of communication networks in order to provide maximum performance and availability for their users, such as staff, clients, customers and suppliers. They will understand network configuration, cloud, network administration and monitoring tools, and be able to give technical advice and guidance.

Typical job roles include:

  • Network Technician
  • Network Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Network Administrator

Benefits to business

  • Develop the skills your business needs
  • Get qualified and motivated staff
  • Future proof your business
  • Professional qualifications for your staff

Benefits for apprentices

  • Gaining industry recognised professional qualifications
  • Developing skills that will increase your career potential
  • Industry Support from industry experienced staff working with the British Computing Society
  • Working with the British Computing Society
  • Becoming a BCS member (students only)

Entry Requirements

Individual employers will set the selection criteria, but this is likely to include 2 A Levels (A2); one in a STEM subject or an IT apprenticeship at Level 3; a level 3 apprenticeship (ideally Infrastructure Technician or similar) or other relevant qualifications; relevant experience and/or an aptitude test with a focus on functional maths. The apprentice will be required to have prior knowledge of setting up a network, configuring the end-point devices and troubleshooting basic network faults and configuring and installing operating systems.

The apprenticeship will cover the following core areas

  • Network design
  • Installing and configuring networks
  • Network systems and performance
  • Diagnostics
  • Troubleshooting network issues
  • Upgrades to network hardware, software and operating systems
  • Integrating network software
  • Interpreting technical specifications

Knowledge Modules and Vendor Certifications offered

Knowledge ModuleVendor Certification
Knowledge Module 2: Network Systems and Architecture
Knowledge Module 3: Network Security

Apprentice Journey

EPA Documents

Network Resources

Block Release Dates

Cohorts 1,2 & 3 complete

College days - Cohort 4 (21 September Start)

202021 September21 SeptemberInduction
26 October30 OctoberNetwork + 1
30 November4 DecemberNetwork + and ne+ resources
202111 January15 JanuaryNetwork Systems and Architecture 1 Network Systems and Architecture 1
1 March5 MarchNetwork Systems and Architecture 2
4 May8 MayNetwork Security 1 and Network resources MERGED WITH NETWORK SECURITY 2
21 June25 JuneNetwork Security 1 & 2 NEW DATES
13 September17 SeptemberCompetencies
20226 May 10 MayEPA Prep
6 June EPA Gateway and Synoptic

College days - Cohort 5 (12 April Start)

202112 April12 AprilInduction MOVED TO 17 MAY
17 May21 May Network Security 1 and Network resources
28 June2 July Network Security 2
19 July23 July Network +
30 Aug3 Sept Network +
25 Oct29 Oct Network Systems and Architecture 1G123 Chelt
15 Nov19 Nov Network Systems and Architecture 2G123 Chelt
2022July EPA Gateway and Synoptic

College days - Cohort 6 (April 2022 Start)

20224 April8 AprilIntro & Security 1G123 Chelt
9 May13 May Network Security 2 and Network resources G123
Network +G123
Network +G123
TBC Network Systems and Architecture 1TBC
TBC Network Systems and Architecture 2TBC
TBC EPA Gateway and SynopticTBC
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