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Network Engineer

Competency Checklist

Technical Competency Able to do? When? Complete
Can design simple networks from a well-defined specication and apply appropriate security products and processes
Can install and configure network components, including switches, routers and firewalls
Can optimise the performance of network systems and services
Can monitor, test and adjust network systems and performance to meet accepted standards using diagnostic tools, analysers and other equipment
Can apply diagnostic tools and techniques to identify the causes of network performance issues
Can apply structured approaches to troubleshooting network issues and repair faults in hardware, software products and the network
Can undertake system upgrades to network hardware, software and operating systems
Can integrate network related software into an existing network environment
Can interpret written requirements and technical specications for network activities and maintain accurate records of network maintenance activities
Can log and respond to network service calls and provide technical network support to end users as required
Can document work done in accordance with agreed procedures
Can operate within the parameters of service level agreements, standards and/or agreed response times
Can operate effectively in the business environment and responds to business issues related to network engineering
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