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Cyber Security Technical Professional (integrated degree)

Employers must provide the opportunity for the apprentice to demonstrate these competencies prior to entering end point assessment.

Competencies Checklist

Technical Competencies
1: N/A
2: Design, build, configure, optimise, test and troubleshoot simple and complex networks
3: Apply statistical techniques to large data sets. Identify vulnerabilities in big data architectures and deployment
4: Build test and debug a digital system to a specification
5: Configure an Operating System in accordance with security policy. Identify threats and features
6: Write, test, debug programs in high- and low-level languages and scripts
7: Design, implement and analyse algorithms
8: Construct software to interact with the real world and analyse for security exploits
9: Analyse malware & identify its mechanisms
10: Apply secure programming principles and design patterns to address security issues
11: Apply system engineering and software development methodologies and models
12: Discover, identify and analyse threats, attack techniques, vulnerabilities and mitigations
13: Assess culture & individual responsibilities
14: Undertake ethical system reconnaissance and intelligence analysis
15: Undertake risk modelling, analysis and trades
17: Apply a management system and develop an information security management plan
18: Configure and use security technology components and key management
19: Design & evaluate a system to a security case
20: Architect, analyse & justify a secure system
21: Develop an assurance strategy
22: Security monitoring, analysis and intrusion detection. Recognise anomalies & behaviours
23: Manage intrusion response, including with 3rd parties
24: N/A
25: Organise testing & investigation work in accordance with legal & ethical requirements
26: Develop & apply information security policy to implement legal or regulatory requirements
Note: N/A indicates there is not a corresponding competency for a taught knowledge component
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